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Dyos is a highly innovative company, established to provide leading-edge intelligent technical solutions in various fields.

We have expertise in many key AI technologies and we are continuously seeking and validating new, emerging technologies, developing new ideas, concepts, and solutions.

At Dyos we guarantee the security of our delivered products while providing unique experiences for our customers.

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What Makes Dyos Different?

The company focusses on delivering more simple, secure solutions to the existing problems by combining different expertise from various fields.



Expertise is vital to the delivery of high-quality service. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in different fields that our team combines ensure that we provide such high-quality products and services.



Security is a priority here at Dyos as we developed comprehensive anti-fraud and security measures to help prevent, detect, or disrupt illegal actions and keep our customers and their data safe.



Simplicity is all about focusing on removing clutter or the unnecessary from our products, processes, and services until all that remains is essential and useful for an enjoyable, intuitive experience.

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Experience fast and secure way to send, receive, and access your money wherever you are and at any time with our Dyos mobile app solution.

It takes just a few minutes to set up your Dyos account and bring all your payment details together in one place.


We offer a quick and secure way of identity verification using our in-house engineered AI models.

Dyos KYC provides seamless customer onboarding experience, reduces costs, increase conversion and deter fraudulent attempts.

Dyos Feature
Dyos Feature


Dyos has developed a proprietary payment processing infrastructure that will change the way businesses accept a wide variety of payments through a single channel, from start to finish.

Dyos provides a fast, simple, and secure way to move money online as a service that spans a broad spectrum of industries and businesses.

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